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C MAX 5 by Lincoln Dental Supply


Lincoln Dental Supply

Lincoln Dental’s easy-to-use, effective etching gel C MAX 5 can be used to etch leucite ceramics such as Empress, Cerpress, and Avante. It also etches lithium disilicate ceramics such as 3G and E.Max press, as well as Empress CAD and E.Max CAD. C MAX 5 contains 5% hydrofluoric acid and enhances bond strength by dissolving certain elements in the ceramic to create undercuts and voids in which the resin can flow. The gel, along with using the proper processing time, will then create a stronger bond. Once the etching is finished, no neutralizer is required, just rinse the restoration with water in an ultrasonic cleaner. It’s just that easy to use because of the gel’s stable consistency and good application properties.

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