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CLEARFIL™ SE BOND 2 by Kuraray America, Inc.


Kuraray America, Inc.

CLEARFIL™ SE BOND 2 from Kuraray America is a two-step, self-etch, light-cure bonding agent with an improved catalyst system for stronger bonds and a new dual-cure activator for use with all indirect restorations and core build-up composites. It has no complicated steps, no bottle shaking, no scrubbing before or during the procedure, and does not require light-curing inside of indirect restorations. It is a low-technique sensitive adhesive that creates predictable, durable bonds.

When applied with CLEARFIL DC Activator, it allows for universal clinical applications. It offers a low film thickness with indirect restorations and an ideal bulk-fill adhesive for direct restorations. It is an ideal bulk-fill adhesive that absorbs stress and maintains a seal on Dentin.

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