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KOMET ZR-Diamonds™ by Komet USA LLC

KOMET ZR-Diamonds™


In marrying strength, durability, and esthetics like never before, the high-strength ceramics of today have ushered in a new era of ceramic dentistry. The properties of zirconia and lithium disilicate make them the restorative choice of contemporary dentists and laboratory technicians, yet the materials’ strength can present challenges during cutting and recontouring procedures. Too often, users find themselves burning out bur after bur, adding to the complexity, duration, and cost of the case.

Traditional rotary instruments simply cannot stand up to the challenges of these new materials. Enter KOMET ZR-Diamonds™, which have been recognized as the go-to choice for recontouring and removing zirconia restorations in both the operatory and the laboratory. With the recent advent of lithium disilicate restorations, the ZR line has once again positioned itself as the standard against which all others are measured.

In the operatory and in the laboratory, ZR-Diamonds provide superior results quickly and with minimal effort. The unique, KOMET-engineered design of the ZR line features diamond particles permanently bonded in a dense, packed layer. The result: vastly superior coarse-, medium-, and fine-grit diamonds that address modern ceramic demands.

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