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Polishers for Non-Precious Metals by Komet USA LLC

Polishers for Non-Precious Metals


KOMET USA has introduced a line of NEM polishers to complement its KOMET cutters with NE/NEF toothing, which are particularly suitable for work on hard alloys. Together, the NEM polishers and the cutters with NE/NEF toothing provide an ideal system and perfect solution for work on hard-to-cut dental alloys. The KOMET NEM polishers are manufactured to effectively and efficiently polish hard metals and to provide long-lasting, long-term, reliable performance, with a durability that surpasses that of universal polishers. The odorless KOMET NEM polishers are color-coded to distinguish them for other polishers and to simplify identification for a new, two-stage polishing procedure. The purple polishers, 9701M (convex, tapered-edge disk), 9703M (flat-edge disk) and 9702M (cylinder shape), are employed for pre-polishing. The light-purple polishers, 9701F (convex, tapered-edge, disk), 9703F (flat-edge disk), and 9702F (cylinder shape), are used to impart a high-shine polish on non-precious metals.

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