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Komet S-Class Diamonds by Komet USA LLC

Komet S-Class Diamonds


The use of S-Diamonds™ is highly recommended for increased efficiency and gentle treatment. The combination of a structured blank and coarse grit allows quick and effective substance removal and improved cooling. The faceted structure of the blank reduces clogging and the generation of heat. The preparation of crown cores is often very time consuming.

S-Diamonds are recommended for greater efficiency and more gentle treatment. Komet USA S-Diamonds are designed for fast reduction of tooth structure, allowing speedier primary preparation of crown cores and cavity preparation. According to Komet USA, the company’s S-Diamonds can meet this goal through a combination of structured blank and coarse grit and a faceted blank structure that reduces clogging and heat generation.

In an inhouse comparison of conventional diamond instruments and S-Diamonds, Komet found that the SDiamonds show higher material reduction when used with structured instruments.

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