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Root-Post Systems by Komet USA LLC

Root-Post Systems


Komet USA is offering convenient, streamlined introductory kits for the renowned DentinPost®, DentinPost® X, C-Post®, T-Post™X, and T-Post™XP root-post systems. Each introductory kit includes a selection of the specific posts along with easy-to-use, perfectly matched instrumentation, each component color-coded to simplify selection of the appropriate drill for the specific post. The DentinPost® Introductory Kit (4630) contains 10 tapered DentinPost® root posts in four diameters along with the appropriately sized burs. The Komet® DentinPost® allows effective, esthetic, preprosthetic reconstruction of devitalized abutment teeth with partially destroyed clinical crowns. Available in both active (Introductory Kit 4632) and passive (Introductory Kit 4633) versions, T-Post™ X (active) T-Post™ XP (passive) cylindrical root posts facilitate prosthetic restoration of damaged crowns in both the upper and lower jaws. Appropriate for use in anteriors, canines, premolars, and molars, the pure-titanium posts offer exceptional strength and reliability. With sandblasted micro-retentive surfaces, the post shanks ensure optimal retention within the root canal, and the grooved retention heads facilitate superior retention of buildup material. Decompression grooves allow excess cement to be pressed from the canal. Each T-Post™ Introductory Kit contains ten posts in two diameters and two lengths and appropriately matched drills.

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