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S6856XL.FG.021 “Perio-Length” Diamond by Komet USA LLC

S6856XL.FG.021 “Perio-Length” Diamond


Developed to address crown-preparation requirements in cases presenting gingival recession, the KOMET S6856XL.FG.021, “perio-length”, diamond features a 12-mm. working length. This extra-long diamond allows the operator to maintain ideal position and angle of the handpiece and avoid interference with adjacent teeth, thus permitting the precise preparation and refinement of optimal crown margins at the proper angle in patients who have longer, exposed crown lengths.

To achieve the desired surface roughness in particular cases, subsequent application of a matching-length finishing diamond, the KOMET 8856XL.FG.021 instrument, is recommended.

This instrument is specifically designed to correspond to the extra-long, crown-preparation diamond and to simplify finishing procedures in cases where gingival recession is present and in other cases requiring an instrument with a longer working head. The extra-long diamonds are available in Chicklet™ packs of five instruments.

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