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H89NE.104.040 by Komet USA LLC



Designed to work on non-precious alloys, the H89NE.104.040 instrument joins six other cutters with NE toothing currently available, which minimize recontouring time because of its unique blade configuration. To complement the cutters with NE toothing, KOMET features cutters with NEF toothing with a multitude of ergonomically designed, nick-free cutting blades that produce an ideal surface finish on non-precious alloys.

Despite its aggressive cutting capabilities, chrome cobalt model cast frames cut with cutters with NEF toothing, recognized by its red and green rings, display a highly smooth surface. Therefore, minimal polishing is necessary. Additionally, their unique blade design creates less vibration resulting in less operator fatigue. Tiny metal fragments created by the cutting process are virtually harmless and not irritating to skin. 

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