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H4MCXXL Crown Cutter by Komet USA LLC

H4MCXXL Crown Cutter


Now offered in an extra-extra-long configuration with an 8.0-mm working end, the KOMET® H4MCXXL crown cutter is precision-engineered to cut through crowns and bridges constructed of commonly used alloys as well as titanium. The cutter also is recommended for use on veneers fabricated of low-fusion ceramic materials and on porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. Like other KOMET® H4MC cutters, the extra-extra-long instrument features the manufacturer’s specially developed D-toothing, which allows rapid, efficient cutting of crowns and bridges made of conventional metals.

Large chip spaces permit quick chip removal and prevent clogging, especially when cutting soft alloys with gold content. The instrument’s transverse-blade tip provides easy penetration into the material to be cut, and its pyramid-shaped blade design prevents blade breakouts, guarantees outstanding stability and high resistance to breakage, and ensures smooth operation with little vibration.

The new, 8.0-mm long version completes the range of the H4MC crown cutter series, which also features cutters with regular (2.0 mm; H4MC), long (3.5 mm; H4MCL), and extra-long (5.0 mm; H4MCXL) working ends. With a recommended application angle of 45 degrees, the burs provide the operator with exceptional control of the cutting process in individual cases, obviating the need to reposition or awkwardly hold the handpiece. The instruments can be readily identified by a white or black ring: white for ceramics, black for metals.

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