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DCB Abrasives by Komet USA LLC

DCB Abrasives


Offering outstanding effectiveness on extremely hard materials, KOMET® DCB (Diamonds with Ceramic Bond) abrasives feature a special ceramic bond interspersed with a high content of diamond grit. The grinding instruments are suitable for work on all types of ceramics, including zirconium oxide and aluminum oxide, as well as on hard dental alloys, achieving exceptionally fine surfaces without applying pressure.

The KOMET® DCB abrasive line now includes a small-diameter (4.8 mm), 13-mm -long cylinder-shape grinder, the DCB 2, in addition to the 6.5-mm-in-diameter, 13-mm long cylinder-shape version (DCB 2 C). The array of DCB instruments also includes the DCB 1 flame-shape abrasive, the DCB 3 and 3C tapered-cylinder grinders, the DCB 4 and 4C flat-edge (12-mm-in-diameter) and the DCB 5 knife-edge (22-mm-in diameter) disc configurations, and the DCB 6 cup-shaped abrasive.

Each instrument is carefully matched to a specific mandrel to assure safe, effective operation, and all DCB abrasives are engineered to provide a reliable, extra-long service life. The DCB 2 abrasive is recommended for operation at a minimum speed of 12,000 rpm and at a maximum speed of 30,000 rpm.

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