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Komet 987P Diamond Disc by Komet USA LLC

Komet 987P Diamond Disc


Engineered in conjunction with Master Dental Technician Klaus K. Ernst, KOMET® USA’s 987P diamond disc features a large diameter design that enables the user to separate model arches in a single step. Effectively eliminating the need for multiple cuts, as often required with smaller-diameter discs, the 987P also minimizes follow-up abrasive work between segments, a step that is often required to create straight surfaces on interproximal segments.

The premium laboratory disc features stable construction to ensure precise cuts and a long service life, and its distinctive toothing design assures outstanding cutting performance and optimal evacuation of plaster dust. In addition, the disc’s serrated edge and perforations allow unobstructed view of the working site. Suitable for use on both plaster and model resin, the discs can be used in clockwise and counter-clockwise rotations.

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