Komet 593 Dressing Diamond


Following the principles of Master Dental Technician R. Busch, this new, practical dressing diamond from KOMET® USA reduces the steps traditionally needed to dress a polisher from five to one! Until this launch of the KOMET 593 dressing diamond, dressing a polisher while working on dentures required five steps: The technician needed to put down the work piece, pick up the dressing diamond, dress the polisher, place the dressing tool back down after dressing the polisher, and then pick up the work piece to resume polishing.

Requiring only one step to dress polishers of all shapes and sizes, KOMET’s 593 dressing diamond consists of a three-dimensional dressing block that incorporates flutes, surfaces, and recesses to accommodate the geometric configuration of any polisher. The KOMET dressing block is used mounted at the workstation for one-handed use, but can also be used like traditional dressing diamonds with a handle.

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