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Visalys® Temp by Kettenbach LP

Visalys® Temp

Kettenbach LP

Kettenbach’s Visalys® Temp is a two-component BPA free resin based on a multifunctional acrylic composite. It can be used to make highly aesthetic temporary crowns, partial crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers including long-term provisionals. Clinicians can make provisional restorations with Visalys Temp that are remarkably stable and fracture resistant due to its unique, new monomer structure. The material is easy-to-use and guarantees superior aesthetic results in addition to stability. The smooth surface ensures a pleasant feeling in the mouth and impedes plaque formation. Visalys® Temp can be precisely milled and minimizes dust formation. Its natural fluorescence and translucency are optimal for restorations of front teeth. Visalys Temp also contains no bisphenol A, a substance suspected of impairing health.

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