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Panasil® Initial Contact by Kettenbach LP

Panasil® Initial Contact

Kettenbach LP

Because of its unique initial hydrophilicity, Panasil initial contact can immediately overcome any remaining moisture in the mouth. Dental professionals will get an exact impression every time, even in situations with a deep sulcus or a moist environment. Panasil initial contact is highly thixotropic, with outstanding flow properties and a short intra-oral setting time. Because of its outstanding flow properties, Panasil initial contact will enter narrow gaps and does not slump or drip off the tooth into the oral cavity. Panasil initial contact is available in three viscosities: X-light (very low viscosity), light (low viscosity), and regular (medium viscosity). All three Panasil initial contact viscosities have a total working time of 1 minute, 30 seconds and an intra-oral setting time of 2 minutes, 30 seconds. All materials are available in the following delivery units: 2 x 50 mL with 12 mixing tips and 12 x 50 mL with 72 mixing tips. The material immediately overcomes the residual moisture and directly contacts the moist tooth surface; the impression reproduces the crisp detail of the preparation margin with residual moisture present. Guarantee of a precise impression even at the end of the total working time. Good results regardless of the time of the application stage. Clinical conditions (moist oral cavity) further improve the initial hydrophilicty. The material flows into narrow crevices when pressure is applied and does not drip from the tooth into the oral cavity. Fast setting; more comfortable for the patient and greater satisfaction.

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