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Vertise™ Flow by Kerr Corporation

Vertise™ Flow

Kerr Corporation

Vertise Flow composite from Kerr Corporation is a self-adhering, light-cured, resin-based flowable composite dental restorative designed for direct placement. By incorporating Kerr’s OptiBond adhesion technology, Vertise Flow composite eliminates the additional steps of etching/priming/bonding otherwise necessary to bond a composite resin to dentin and enamel. Vertise Flow composite offers high bond strength, high mechanical strength, and other physical attributes comparable to traditional flowable composites. Vertise Flow composite is indicated for small Class I and base/liner for Class I and II restorations. Additional indications include pit and fissure sealant, repair of enamel defects, blocking of undercuts, minor occlusal buildups in non-stress bearing areas, incisal abrasions, and porcelain repairs.

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