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Premise™ by Kerr Corporation


Kerr Corporation

Premise™ is a universal nanofilled restorative material that offers superior esthetics, handling and low polymerization shrinkage all in one system. Premise incorporates a trimodal filler approach made up of three uniquely sized fillers that work together to achieve high volume loading - 84% by weight - for superior polish and strength. Premise builds on the proven success of Point 4 by using the same 0.4 micron barium glass filler along with nanoparticles for enhanced polishability and gloss. The addition of pre-polymerized filler particles (PPF) gives Premise physical properties equivalent to a hybrid. All three used in combination provide a high overall loading, microfill-like wear characteristics and predictable, non-sticky handling. Two material viscosities are available - body and packable. Thirty four shades are available in both syringe and Unidose® delivery configurations. Ultra-Low Shrinkage, With its 84% filler load, shrinkage is minimized to a low of 1.6% - up to 36% less than other brands, Easy, Sustained Polish, Superior luster retention over time, Excellent Handling, Highly sculptable and non-sticky, Universal Application, Strength for posteriors, Beauty for anteriors.

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