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NTI-tss Plus™ by Keller Laboratories, Inc.

NTI-tss Plus™

Keller Laboratories, Inc.

Originally developed to prevent migraine pain, the NTI-tss Plus™ therapeutic protocol is an effective alternative to full-coverage bite guards.  The NTI-tss Plus does the job of a bite guard but covers only the centrals and laterals.  It is a small, clear shell with a patented anterior to posterior Discluding Element (DE) attached to the incisal edge.  The DE provides for a point stop on the mesial-incisal edges of the two opposing central incisors.  By providing the patient with immediate and continuous incisal guidance, the NTI-tss Plus prevents parafunction occlusion of the canine and posterior teeth.  This posterior disclusion reduces muscle contraction intensity by nearly 70%, protecting teeth, muscles and joints.

The NTI-tss Plus is available in several designs, for the upper or lower arch, including migraine therapy sets, extended coverage, sliders and the NTI-tss Plus Soft.

The Keller Team can help you determine which NTI-tss Plus design is best for your patient.  Give them a call at 800-325-3056.

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