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Delineator™ by Keating Dental Arts


Keating Dental Arts

Exclusive to Keating Dental Arts, the Delineator™ is a unique three-in-one device that makes implant diagnostics and placement easier than ever. The Delineator™ acts as an implant locator, surgical guide, an immediate provisional, and an esthetic screw-retained temporary, saving you additional laboratory time and expense.

One simple appliance can help significantly increase reliability and effective communication between you, your surgeon, and your laboratory. Using the Delineator™ greatly reduces the need for custom abutments by helping to ensure optimal implant placement.

The ability to use stock abutments means less time in the laboratory, reduced lab fees, and greater reliability. Fabricated using pink acrylic and clear thermo plastic retentive arms for adjacent teeth, the Delineator™ is stable, comfortable, and nearly invisible in the mouth.

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