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Implant Hygiene Instrumentation by Karl Schumacher Dental Co.

Implant Hygiene Instrumentation

Karl Schumacher Dental Co.

Karl Schumacher introduces an instrument system for the maintenance of implants.Titanium scalers offer many compatibility benefits for hygiene around implants. Available patterns include an anterior scaler (H5/H6), posterior scaler 204S, anterior Gracey curette (1/2), posterior mesial Gracey curette (11/12), and posterior distal Gracey curette (13/14). All of the Gracey curettes are finished in the "mini" configuration to more easily adapt to the small circumference of the abutment. Also available are three patterns of Langer curettes and Columbia universal curettes. Each instrument pattern is made in Germany of pure titanium tips mounted on a lightweight, color-coded bionicTI™ handle for easy chairside identification of individual patterns, and to ensure that the instruments are recognized for specialized use. The properties of titanium allow for the tips to be finely modeled and retain a flexibility that prevents scratching the implant surface. Customized kits can be assembled to match the user's preferences, and kept together in a wash tray that can be sterilized.

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