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Ecotex Powder-Free Latex Gloves by JP Solutions

Ecotex Powder-Free Latex Gloves

JP Solutions

Premium quality and eco friendly, JP Solutions’ Ecotex Powder-Free Latex Gloves meet surgical 1.0 AQL standards. They have protein for increased safety and minimum risk of protein allergies (50mcg or less of water-extractable protein, the lowest defined content). A textured grip gives them traction in both moist and dry environments, and they are polymerized to facilitate donning. The soft modulus provides for a precise feel and a comfortable fit during extended wear. The gloves’ powder-free nature reduces air-born particles. In line with the principles of the Ecotex environmentally-friendly brands, Ecotex Powder-Free Latex Gloves are manufactured with the environment in mind, including the use of all natural and biodegradable latex product, packaging, and inks. Biofuels are used in the manufacturing process. A special packaging design and packing procedure produces a 20% reduction in packaging material and a 15% reduction in fuel used during transportation.

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