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Deldent JetPolisher 2000 by Johnson-Promident

Deldent JetPolisher 2000


Johnson-Promident offers the only air polishing unit that has been cleared by the FDA for implant maintenance. The Deldent JetPolisher 2000 offers so much more than the competition for so much less!

The JetPolisher 2000 is harmless to titanium surfaces and is the ONLY polishing unit that has been cleared by the FDA for implant maintenance (for cleaning around implants under dentures). The JetPolisher 2000 features the patented H.S.T. Polishing System. This system mixes air, water, and sodium bicarbonate powder together within a single nozzle to produce a homogenous stream, unlike other airpolishing systems in which there are separate nozzles for water and powder streams. The benefits of the H.S.T. Polishing System are numerous, including: the prevention of nozzle clogging (a common drawback of other brands), a more efficient polishing stream so less air pressure is needed, and a gentler polishing action because the sodium bicarbonate particles begin to soften within the spray head.

The JetPolisher 2000 is completely portable and can be moved easily from room to room. It does not require installation but connects directly to existing handpiece tubing and uses the existing dental unit’s foot pedal. It is lightweight and comes with a large, easy-view powder reservoir.
Best of all, the JetPolisher 2000 costs about half as much as the leading standard countertop polishers!

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