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Clear Blue Digi 2.0 by Johnson-Promident

Clear Blue Digi 2.0


The Clear Blue Digi 2.0 LED Curing Light offers high power of 1,200 mW/cm2 for fast cures and can solidify any brand of resin with 430-480nm wavelength. It has an easy-to-read digital display and three working modes, which can be set at different exposure times for different clinical protocols.

The curing light also boasts several features that enhance the comfort of both user and patient: it is compact and lightweight, and it operates coolly and silently, with no fan necessary. The battery is Lithium-Ion, with super capacity.

A new feature of the Digi 2.0 model is that it can be operated cordless with the battery for long-lasting, powerful curing, or with the cord attached. The corded option provides great backup in case of low battery charge. Quality and performance are guaranteed with a one-year warranty.

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