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Jensen WX Millable Dental Wax in 98mm Pucks by Jensen Dental

Jensen WX Millable Dental Wax in 98mm Pucks

Jensen Dental

Jensen Dental’s Jensen WX millable dental wax is now available in 98mm puck form, making it compatible with dental mills from a variety of manufacturers. Dental wax is used to create a precise replica of a crown, bridge, coping or framework that is ultimately rendered using the metal casting or pressed ceramic technique. Rather than manually creating wax-ups by hand using modeling wax, the dental lab technician designs the restoration on a PC workstation and computer-aided-design (CAD) software. The completed design is sent to a CNC mill, where the restoration is manufactured out of the Jensen WX wax material, saving time, reducing costs, and improving the consistency and quality of the finished restoration.

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