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InSync ZR Ceramic System by Jensen Dental

InSync ZR Ceramic System

Jensen Dental

With its unparalleled esthetics, ease of use and affordable pricing, the InSync ZR Ceramic Layering System is redefining the possibilities with layered and pressed zirconia restorations. The new layering system is an extension to the InSync FC Stain and Glaze product line. Although developed for Lava™ Plus High Translucency and Jensen HT zirconia, the system also offers an efficient and reliable method for shading and layering all framework restorations. The system includes a wide range of fine grain naturally translucent and fluorescent powders that are easy to grind and polish, yield low shrinkage,provide the esthetics of a multi-powder build up with just 2 powders, and match the VITA® shade guide simply and predictably, every time. The liners are both translucent and shaded, so technicians can match white as well as shaded zirconia frameworks. 

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