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TorqTech Attachments by J. Morita USA

TorqTech Attachments

J. Morita USA

Compatible with both air and electric motors, J. Morita USA’s TorqTech straight and contra angle attachment line includes a 1:1 straight nose cone, 1:1 contra angle, and a 1:5 speed up contra angle. Designed with a new high-precision gear system, TorqTech offers reduced operational noise and excellent bur stability, which makes large preparations quicker and easier. The chuck provides a strong grip on the bur and is also long lasting. A built-in water filter helps prevent clogging of the spray line and is easily removed for cleaning. TorqTech attachments are perfectly balanced. A slim, ergonomic design reduces fatigue and provides exceptional access to the treatment area, especially in the posterior region and when the patient has limited opening. The surface of the attachments is durable, corrosion-resistant, and offers a smooth, comfortable feel.

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