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TwinPower Turbine® by J. Morita USA

TwinPower Turbine®

J. Morita USA

The TwinPower Turbine® product line features the world's only "twin turbines." This unique design delivers superior cutting power even under high load conditions. For superior infection control, TwinPower is the ONLY high speed handpiece equipped with a pressurized air system which prevents the intake of contaminated aerosol and other particles into the air line.

The TwinPower Turbine line features the powerful Standard Head model, affordable Basic model, compact Ultra Series (Mini), and the 45-Degree model with rear exhaust for surgical procedures. The TwinPower Turbine line is extremely powerful, with double-impeller technology unique to the product line. Zero suck back in air line means excellent contamination control, and the handpieces are directly compatible with a variety of coupling systems.

TwinPower Turbines offer safe, rapid breaking within two seconds, highly stable glass rod optics, and an LED coupler that provides brilliant, natural light. The TwinPower Turbine line is the ultimate in lightweight, quiet, yet extremely powerful handpieces.

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