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Blue Velvet™ Bite Registration Material by J. Morita USA

Blue Velvet™ Bite Registration Material

J. Morita USA

J. Morita’s Blue Velvet™ is the ideal bite registration material for fast, highly detailed, and extremely accurate interocclusal records. It is cartridge dispensed, offers a whipped cream texture, and is both tasteless and odorless. Blue Velvet is also radiopaque and thixotropic which prevents running and dripping. It sets in just 60 seconds with a plaster-like hardness of 80 durometer. Blue Velvet is one component of the PerfectIM Systems product line of impression materials. PerfectIM Systems offers accurate final impressions of subgingival margins without use of retraction cord, gingival excision, or application of hemostatic agents. A range of working/setting times and viscosities is available for any impression procedure.

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