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AdvErL Evo R600T Laser Tip by J. Morita USA

AdvErL Evo R600T Laser Tip

J. Morita USA

Morita’s AdvErL Evo laser is effective for a broad range of applications on both hard and soft tissue and is clinically ideal for periodontal treatment. This unit offers a wide variety of tip options. Most notably, AdvErL Evo has been studied and recognized clinically in the effective treatment of peri-implantitis, a challenging disease leading to bone loss around an implant. To further advance the management of patients with this disease, the AdvErL Evo tip, the R600T, has been designed specifically to improve access to the infected tissue. The R600T emits the laser from the sides of the tip, as opposed to the end, which is especially useful for debridement of peri-implantitis. This directional feature is completely unique in the market and further expands AdvErL Evo’s clinical versatility and ability to treat this condition.  

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