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3D Accuitomo 170 by J. Morita USA

3D Accuitomo 170

J. Morita USA

J. Morita’s highly refined, 3D Accuitomo 170 is the fourth generation of the Accuitomo product line. The new Dose Reduction Feature decreases patient exposure 30% to 40%, yet quality of image has been enhanced from the previous model. It offers nine field of view options from 40x40 mm up to 170x120 mm.

Accuitomo’s industry leading clarity can be attributed to several factors including: highly advanced 3D sensors, an 80-micrometer voxel, and resolution greater than 2 line pairs per mm. Morita’s unique Zoom Reconstruction feature produces a high resolution, 80 micrometer image of a small region of interest from the original, larger field of view scan.

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