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Ivoclar Digital Denture by Ivoclar Vivadent® Inc.

Ivoclar Digital Denture

Ivoclar Vivadent® Inc.

The Ivoclar Digital DentureTM consists of advanced digital denture design software, materials, and a completely coordinated workflow. The portfolio for the digital work process is divided into three areas:

Design/CAD: The Ivoclar Digital Denture Professional Add-On software allows for complete design control, enabling you to change the shape of the denture teeth, rotate and pull teeth to close gaps, and create the perfect functional occlusion.

Materials: In the field of Removable Prosthetics, the success of the digital denture process starts with the materials. Take control of your digital denture workflow with SR Vivodent® CAD and SR Vivodent® CAD Multi, IvoBase® CAD, and the IvoBase® CAD Bond kit from Ivoclar Vivadent.

Machines: Mill your digital dentures with the new powerful machines from the innovative PrograMill® platform range or in an existing Zenotec® select system. The high-precision mills, in coordination with the innovative CAM software within the milling units, produce detailed and high-quality dentures.

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