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ExciTE F DSC by Ivoclar Vivadent® Inc.


Ivoclar Vivadent® Inc.

ExciTE F DSC ExciTE F DSC – Dual cure Single Component – is a dual-cure, fluoride releasing adhesive which is used in combination with the total-etch technique. ExciTE F has been further designed for clinical cases where light cannot be used for curing (e.g. in the cementation of endodontic posts or indirect restorations) or in which chemically curing composites are employed.

It is a simple, one-step system due to the patented, initiator-coated applicator brush. No light-curing is required if a dual or self-curing composite restorative or luting composite is used. It comes with Hygienic Single Dose vessels with applicators in two different sizes: Regular for normal preparations, Small/Endo for micro-cavities and root canals Indications. It provides adhesive cementation of indirect restorations made of ceramic or composite with dual or self-curing luting composites (e.g. Variolink® II) and adhesive cementation of root posts (e.g. FRC Postec® Plus). It also works well with direct restorations and core build-ups with dual and self-curing composites (e.g. MultiCore®) and direct restorations/cementation with light-curing composites (e.g. Tetric EvoCeram®, Variolink II Base).

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