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Small Mouthpiece by Isolite Systems

Small Mouthpiece

Isolite Systems

The Small mouthpiece size, used with the Isolite™ and Isodry dental isolation systems, allows the patient to rest their jaw on a soft bite block versus holding it open for the entire dental procedure. With the tongue comfortably retracted by the Isolite mouthpiece, it is kept safely away from the dental procedure and the dental drill, so as to avoid unintentional injury of the tongue.

Additionally, the Isolite mouthpiece shields the patient’s airway as an added measure of safety to prevent inadvertent aspiration of a foreign body such as a broken or extracted tooth, crown, or implant. The small size was developed for patients that need a small bite-block, but have a relatively deeper vestibule compared to other small-mouthed people.

For these patient types, the shape and design of the Small mouthpiece allows for an even more complete tongue retraction and better fit in a patient’s mouth. Its expanded cheek shield shape provides improved suction that goes deeper into the vestibule. The new design features a more stable bite block and provides additional suction capacity behind the bite block itself, assuring saliva does not pool behind the mouthpiece.

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