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i-CAT® by Imaging Sciences International Inc.


Imaging Sciences International Inc.

i-CAT® puts the power of precision in your hands, simply and conveniently. Dental clinicians now have direct access to advanced 3D treatment tools for implants and restorations, oral and maxillofacial surgery, TMJ and sinuses, and orthodontics.

i-CAT produces high definition 3D diagnostic images for ultimate treatment efficiency. Its push-button ease delivers maximum control to accurately capture each patient’s unique anatomy and treatment progress.

From diagnosis, through planning and treatment, to successful case completion, i-CAT’s flexibility allows you to select specifically desired scans to manage radiation dose control for the greatest benefit to your plan and to your patient.

i-CAT® offers enhanced features for effective treatment planning and predictability: fastest scan and reconstruction rates; an amorphous silicon sensor that captures full skull to single arch; free and freely shareable i-CATVision™ software.

i-CAT is compatibie with a wide array of 3-D imaging programs for surgical and restorative planning and features Tru-Pan™, which delivers consistently clear and precise panoramic views from 3-D scans in seconds.

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