Hygiene & Prevention

This directory will feature leading Hygiene & Prevention Products for your easy review and reference.

Oolie, sized for kids, gently removes bacteria in fast, fun, friendly way. Set your practice apart. Two sizes available: Ages 5+.
OraCoat® XyliMelts®for Dry Mouth are an all-natural, great tasting, oral adhering disc that slowly releases 550mg of xylitol and oral lubricant to relieve dry mouth day and night even while sleeping. For patient samples and dental product pricing call, 877-672-6541.
Wrigley’s Orbit® for Kids is a sugarfree chewing gum that will help parents and dental practitioners keep kids’ teeth healthy when they are on the go and between checkups.
Plac-o-Tect™ is a new fluorescent plaque revealer from Directa AB that promises to be an indispensible tool for oral hygiene instruction.
A unit dose flour of pumice paste specifically formulated with a known antimicrobial agent.
Prevent Seal is a Self-Etching Pit & Fissure Sealant that gives protection to sensitive tooth surfaces by protecting them with a waterproof layer of resin, preventing the penetration of bacteria and enhances oral hygiene.
Profluorid L has a synthetic resin matrix that ensures that the material will not interfere with bleaching results and can be used as an immediate effective paint-on desensitizer before, during, and after bleaching procedures.
Pac-Dent ProMate™ Hygiene Prophy Handpiece reduces fatigue and daily trauma on the hand and arm muscles. It is easily maintained by autoclaving the entire handpiece with the grip.
CAO Group’s Sheer FluorX™ 5% Acidulated Sodium Fluoride Film is a safer fluoride treatment that can be used right at home.
Safely removes plaque, bacteria and debris from tongue surfaces better than brushing alone.
With FlexCare Platinum, even the deepest clean is gentle enough to protect your teeth and gums.
Mints that combine xylitol with a pH-balanced formula for advanced oral health protection.
Pac-Dent sterile Mini 90™ disposable prophy angles are Gamma irradiated for patient safety, reducing risk of infection during a procedure. Enhanced infection control and engineered performance make these angles the best choice for dental hygienists.
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