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Swivel XT™ Satin Swivel® Ultrasonic Insert by Hu-Friedy Mfg Co.

Swivel XT™ Satin Swivel® Ultrasonic Insert

Hu-Friedy Mfg Co.

Traditionally, thin inserts are recommended for light deposit removal. However, subgingival deposits are often times tenacious and very difficult to remove. Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Company offers the Swivel XT™ Ultrasonic Insert that is thin enough to clean subgingivally and interproximally, but also robust enough to efficiently and effectively remove moderate-to-heavy calculus at lower power settings.

The Swivel XT™ features a large-diameter grip that maximizes clinician comfort and enhances tactile sensitivity, plus the instrument's durability is enhanced through a proprietary blend of stainless steel. The unique tip diameter and geometry for ease of accessibility and adaptability and the enhanced metal fatigue characteristics create improved product durability. Patented Swivel™ technology for improved clinician comfort is combined with a soft, large diameter grip for optimal ergonomics and tactile sensitivity.

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