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Monoblock Implants by Hi-Tec Implants

Monoblock Implants

Hi-Tec Implants

HI-TEC IMPLANTS LTD produces a wide range of implant systems as well as compatible implants that do not require investing in additional surgical kits.


The variety of compatible implant systems produced:

            • Tapered Self Thread & Logic Plus are compatible with other Internal Hex implants.

            •VISION, EXPERT and IMPLEX are compatible with root shape implant .

            • LOGIC is compatible with Internal Hex & Taper Bone condensing implants.

             • Tite-Fit & Tapered Tite- Fit are compatible with Internal Taper Tissue Level implants.

Monoblock Implants:

            • TRI- mini implants for cement or ball attachment.

            • TRX- for screw retained prosthesis.

            • TRX-OP monoblock implants for cemented restorations

            • TRX-BA & TRX-TP monoblock implants with ball attachment

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