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Hybrid Zirconium Abutments by Hi-Tec Implants

Hybrid Zirconium Abutments

Hi-Tec Implants

HI-TEC IMPLANTS’ Hybrid Zirconium Abutments are composed of pure zirconium fitted on a titanium adaptor that engages the implant. The adaptors fit most implant systems, including internal hex, tri lobe, Morse taper and hex, Morse taper, and hexagon.

Advantages offered by the Hybrid Zirconium Abutments include being fracture free, that they offer an accurate fit, and are available at a low cost. In addition, the zirconium does not cause any wear on the implant. Hybrid Zirconium Abutments can be used for constructing direct crown by bonding porcelain on the zirconium or as an abutment for cemented restorations. 

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