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Scrap Refining by Kulzer

Scrap Refining


Heraeus Kulzer Scrap Refining is one of the leading refiners in North America with over 50 years’ experience. We provide the most accurate, efficient assays in the business. Countless laboratories and dental offices have trusted Heraeus Kulzer to provide exceptional service and unsurpassed integrity.

We guarantee fair market value for your precious metals (gold, platinum, palladium and silver). Settlement is based on the London PM prices on the day of assay valuation.

During the firing process, we continually blend your materials to ensure your precious metals are equally distributed throughout the crucible. The heated metals are then poured into a mold to create a thoroughly homogenized ingot of precious metals.

Unlike other refiners, we extract three cores from your ingot to obtain the assay sample – providing the most accurate representation of your scrap's true composition.

Your Triple Core sample is then mixed again before being analyzed by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (ICP- AES). The ICP-AES heats your sample to 10,000K, nearly twice the surface temperature of the sun, to identify your metals at the atomic level.

Why should you cash in your scrap on a regular basis?
Scrap is unaccountable. Regular, frequent shipments allow you to keep track of your assets
Precious scrap is not liquid until you cash it in. Raw scrap collects dust, not interest
Scrap stashes are not insured. Insurance companies will not reimburse, in the event of fire or theft

• No assay charges
• No treatment charges
• No freight charges
• No weight charges
• No accountability charges
• No minimum lot charges for low grade lots

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