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3Shape R700™ Orthodontic Scanner by Great Lakes Orthodontics

3Shape R700™ Orthodontic Scanner

Great Lakes Orthodontics

From Great Lakes Orthodontics, the 3Shape R700™ Orthodontic Scanner allows orthodontists to quickly capture plaster models and impressions and use dedicated tools to achieve perfect occlusion. The high speed R700 scans silicone or alginate impressions, and plaster casts, creating accurate digital study models in just a few clicks. 3Shape’s patented Adaptive Impression Scanning intelligently detects incomplete areas and automatically builds scan sequences to capture the full geometry in extreme detail. Users add virtual bases to their scanned models, efficiently and consistently replicating traditional physical models. The R700 utilizes an open STL file format for flexibility and easy integration. Phone: 800-828-7626 Web:

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