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NATURE-CRYL by GC America Inc


GC America Inc

The NATURE-CRYL family of denture base materials consists of NATURE-CRYL HI-20ET, a high-impact denture material; NATURE-CRYL POUR, a self-curing denture base and repair material; and NATURE-CRYL MC, a microwaveable cure material. Each of these products is available in a harmonized shade system. NATURE-CRYL products can be used in processing techniques such as heat cure, fast heat cure, microwave, pour, and reline and repair.

Each of the NATURE-CRYL products are available in a harmonized shade system consisting of seven natural looking shades providing a comprehensive range of tissue colors including four of the most popular “pink” shades and three COE-LOR™ heavily pigmented ethnic shades. Computer assisted shade matching assures esthetically accurate upper and lower dentures, partial dentures, and denture relines and repairs across all NATURE-CRYL shades.

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