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G&S Metals and Refining has enjoyed a long-time relationship with the dental profession. In the 1970's principals of G&S Metals and Refining were successfully involved in R&D with the Dental Dept. at the University of Michigan. In the 1980's G&S Metals and Refining developed their own dental alloys for the dental profession, which we still sell today.

It soon became apparent that dental professionals needed a reliable dental refiner to process their scrap—a refiner who not only is an expert in dental refining but one with knowledge of dental scrap. G&S Metals and Refining has been refining for the Dental Profession for the past 30 years.

Managing your dental scrap is an important asset to your lab and dental refining with a refiner who understands dental scrap will give you higher yields.


G&S Metals and Refiners accountability is:

  • 95% on your gold
  • 85% on Palladium
  • 90% on Silver

Our processing schedule for Dental Scrap is 1-2 days.

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