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Shimmering Apron Colors by Flow Dental™

Shimmering Apron Colors

Flow Dental™

Flow Dental has added three exciting fabric colors for their line of x-ray protective aprons: Electric Blue, Beautiful Bronze, and Shimmering Green. These new shimmering colors reflect light in a cool diamond pattern to help brighten any dental office. Made in the USA from quality materials, sandwiched between an easy-clean vinyl front and a tear-resistant non-slip back, Flow aprons have become the reasonably-priced industry standard for x-ray protection. Dental professionals trust Flow aprons to protect their patients and deliver many years of reliable service. Flow apron styles include Bib, Bib with attached Thyroid Collar, Panoramic, Child Panoramic, and Child Bib aprons with attached Thyroid Collars. Flow aprons are also available with or without lead. No-Lead Aprons are 25% lighter, have the same protective qualities as traditional aprons, and don’t require special disposal. They’re better for staff members, patients, and the environment. Special apron hangers are also available to help avoid creasing, thereby extending the useful life of x-ray aprons.

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