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Bite Block Baggies™ by Flow Dental™

Bite Block Baggies™

Flow Dental™

Flow Dental’s Bite Block Baggies™ help reduce the risk of cross-contamination and the need for excessive autoclaving. These latex-free baggies are designed to cover and protect the bite block, positioning arm and x-ray media from contamination. To use, simply assemble the x-ray, bite block and positioner, then place all inside a Bite Block Baggie. After use, simply rebag for next patient.

Although originally intended for protecting and extending the life of digital sensors and sensor wires, Bite Block Baggies also work well with phosphor plate and x-ray film holders. Use with Flow’s RAPiD, SMART and Sensibles bite blocks, or any other system you prefer. Bite Block Baggies™ are economically priced and come in an easy-to-use self-dispenser box. Packaged 500/box.

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