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Flossguard by Flossolution



Flossolution’s Flossguard Technology aims to tackle the challenges of everyday flossing by providing an easier, painless, and more effective way to floss and brush teeth.

The Flossolution 500 Series features a sonic powered handle to help make flossing quick and easy. The Flossolution Lite is beneficial for those who need a smaller alternative or prefer a non-powered device. Both products feature Flossguard and Bite Bumper technology.

Flossguard safely protects gums from flossing trauma by controlling the depth the floss can travel as it moves between tooth and gum. The Bite Bumper acts as a soft pad for opposing teeth allowing for gentle biting pressure to be applied during flossing. Flossolution products also feature tension-free flossers that increase functional effectiveness and safety while flossing.

The Flossolution 500 Series and Flossolution Lite feature brush attachments to replace the floss attachments to easily switch from flossing to brushing. 

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