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Oralife® Plus Combination Allograft by Exactech, Inc.

Oralife® Plus Combination Allograft

Exactech, Inc.

Oralife® Plus Combination Allograft from Exactech is a cost-effective alternative to completely engineered grafting materials. A mixture of demineralized bone matrix (DBM) with mineral-retained cortical and cancellous chips, Oralife Plus is processed in a manner to retain the naturally occurring growth factors (BMP), and a conductive lattice—all in one product.

The design rationale is based on previously proven ratios of Exactech’s engineered biologic allograft, just excluding the carrier. Oralife Plus Combination is available in DBM plus .25-1mm chips and DBM plus 1-2mm chips. In addition to the Plus Combination, the Oralife product line includes DBM, cancellous particulate, cortical particulate and a 50:50 cortical/cancellous mix. 

Oralife allografts may be used in clinical situations where human allograft is appropriate, such as periodontal defects and sinus grafting procedures, extraction sockets and intrabony defects and in conjunction with dental implant placement. All Oralife products are single-donor grafts recovered and processed under AATB standards as well as state and federal regulations (FDA and the states of Florida, California, Maryland and New York), using Allowash® Technology.

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