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Estelite Omega by Tokuyama America Inc.

Estelite Omega

Tokuyama America Inc.

Estelite Omega

11 shade and 5 opacity polychromatic layering composite designed to simplify color optimization of hue, value and chroma in esthetic restorations. Spherical fillers offer effortless polishability and minimal wear providing superior gloss-retention.  Nonstick contouring while recreating anatomy.


Product Benefits

11 shades and 5 opacities to simplify clinicians’ esthetic restorations. Effortless polishability and superior gloss retention for restoration longevity. Nonstick contouring offers easy layering


Product Features 

-11 shade and 5 opacity system
-Effortless polishability

-High Gloss retention

-Nonstick contouring

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