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Size 06 SafeSiders® by Essential Dental Systems

Size 06 SafeSiders®

Essential Dental Systems

Essential Dental Systems has expanded its endodontic line with the introduction of a new tip size 06 SafeSiders® instrument. The instrument was developed to better suit the needs of both general dentists and endodontists who sometimes encounter smaller canals. The new 06 SafeSiders instrument should be in smaller, tighter, or calcified canals that require a smaller instrument to gain initial access to the apex in the beginning of endodontic instrumentation. The new instruments, like all SafeSiders, can be used by hand or in the Endo-Express® reciprocating handpiece. Establishing an accurate glidepath is essential in performing superior endodontic instrumentation. The new 06 SafeSiders stainless steel instruments are available in 21-mm and 25-mm lengths.

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