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By using digital three-dimensional data, EOS’ FORMIGA P 100 3D printer produces plastic models that can be used for checking prosthesis quality, veneering, and the production of the dental prosthesis. Moreover, the FORMIGA P 100 is capable of generating models for analysis The FORMIGA P 100 is capable of producing several dental models within a few hours, and its economical, flexible design permits the system to be easily integrated into dental lab workflows. Polymer laser sintering is an additive layer manufacturing method and shortens the manufacturing process of the model by an average of one working day. With an overall building volume of 200 mm x 250 mm x 330 mm and three stacked layers, the system produces several dental models within a few hours. The FORMIGA P 100 uses PA 2105, a pigmented polyamide-12 powder for manufacturing laser sintered dental models. The usual color contrast with the dental prosthesis, the high mechanical strength and thermal stability enable optimal fit control and veneering of the dental prosthesis.

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