The EOSINT M 270 from EOS is able to produce approximately 450 high-quality crowns or bridges in 24 hours. EOSINT M 270 provides a controlled melting of material, producing higher quality dental prosthesis than simple cast parts, and via Direct Metal Laser-Sintering (DMLS), the system is able to manufacture cost-effective and high-quality dental prostheses. Other Advantages Include:

• A DMLS system capable of producing approximately 80,000 units per year

• More cost-effective than conventional precision casting

• Consistent tolerances and fit

• High precision of prostheses and reproducibility of production properties

• Resource conservation through reuse of unfused powder

• Highly profitable due to small dimensioning of dental prostheses and the accompanying increase in production time efficiency

• Controlled process: production parameters are established and documented; parts production can be monitored

• Certified powder material and laser parameters for the validated production of medical products

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