FluoriMax™ 2.5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish

Elevate Oral Care

FluoriMax™ 2.5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish from Elevate Oral Care™ is the only 2.5% (11,300 ppm F) NaF varnish. It uses its fluoride more efficiently than 5% (22,600 ppm F) varnishes. Its patent-pending formula minimizes ingestion of excess fluoride because 40% of the fluoride in the formula is absorbed by the tooth, a greater percentage than any 5% fluoride varnish.

It dries quickly and completely so patients won’t taste it or complain about having sticky or “fuzzy” teeth for hours after application. The colophony-free formula also means there is no potential for pine or tree nut allergic reactions. FluoriMax is delivered in a convenient all-in-one dispenser with a built-in brush for fast and easy application.

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